Hard Surface Cleaning and Soft Washing

We also undertake a lot of work on hard surfaces, this can include weed and moss killing on driveways, tarmac, gravel, tennis courts, car parks, block paving, play grounds etc. These can be cleared using a powered weed brush and sweeper. Total weed killer and or biocides can be applied a couple of weeks prior if needs be to ensure all of the weeds and vegetation are dead. The brushes and sweepers can also be used without spraying prior, to be environmentally friendly or if chemicals cannot be used on site.

We also offer other specialist treatments for other surfaces to include concrete, stone brickwork, cement rendering, ceramic tiles, wood, glass, metals and slate. This includes treating slime, algae and lichen from stonework and patios too. These are very popular as we often do not need to pressure wash the surface. Results from this “Softwashing“ are very good often bringing the stone/paving and blockwork back to a great finish, leaving no residual chemical after eight hours.

Pressure washing

We use an industrial petrol pressure washer capable of 4000psi and a rotary cleaning machine, along with a turbo nozzle for corners and stubborn areas. This will remove moss, algae, slime ground dirt. If used on block paving it will need to be re-sanded again once dry, normally on another day as the cleaning will remove the top layer of dirt and sand. This method of cleaning can be used on concrete, slabs, block paving and natural flagstone and sand stone. Due to the pressure used, cleaning chemicals are not normally needed. On the rare occasion that they are used for stubborn marks then we use products that are biodegradable. If a lot of weeds are present then we will spray a herbicide to kill these on another day prior to cleaning.


Our low pressure purpose built Softwashing machine works at 145psi, which about the same as a household tap unlike our pressure washer which is about 4000psi. This means there is no damage to delicate surfaces or pointing. It is eco-friendly as it breaks down after 30 minutes. It can be applied to most building materials using the correct blends of chemicals for quick and lasting affects. Ideal for rendered walls, natural stone work, slabs, block paving and artificial tennis courts.

To see more about the options for softwashing we offer please go to our sister site: Greenway Softwashing

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