Fertilizer and Weed Killer

Fertilizer and weed killer – mini slow release granules which ensure even coverage, easy absorption and less risk of mower pickup are used. The fertilizer is normally in a temperature controlled release prill form, which releases the nutrients according to the temperature not just a time release. These coated prills help the nutrients from being leached from the soil with rainfall etc and ensures the grass receives what it needs until our next scheduled visit.

Throughout the year the fertiliser differs from season to season as grasses need varying nutrients to maintain good health. Along with an array of scientifically proven systemic weed controls which give excellent results. We use these weed killers and all other chemicals at the minimum possible dose rate as they work so efficiently and to impact the environment as little as possible.

Additional Lawn Services


Removes harmful excess thatch from your lawn. Thatch is a build up of surface and sub-surface dead grass, grass clippings & moss that can accumulate over many years.

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Aeration should play an important part in any lawn care regime. A lawn that receives regular aeration is more likely to be in healthy condition.

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Hard Surfaces

We also undertake a lot of work on hard surfaces, this can include weed and moss killing on driveways, tarmac, gravel, tennis courts, car parks, block paving, play grounds etc.

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