Artificial Turf and Tennis court maintenance

Artificial turf tennis court maintenanceRegular maintenance will improve drainage, improve aesthetic appearance, reduce slippage injuries, provide a safe surface to play on and extend the life of the court.

To achieve this, regular maintenance needs to be adhered to. This will change from court to court depending on the surface and positioning of the court in relation to trees etc. Trees provide a wind break but should not be allowed to cause excessive build-up of leaves and create too much shade that it becomes dangerous. Tarmac courts which are left to disrepair can crack or cause fretting. This is when the debris builds up, causing poor drainage, puddling water which when freezes will then cause the surface to crack and the surface become loose.

The type of court you have will depend on the type of maintenance required. A minimum of one biocide application a year to kill moss/algae lichen etc. should be applied to either tarmac or artificial surfaces. Weed killer also should be sprayed around perimeter of the court to prevent ingress onto court. On artificial surfaces power brushing will rejuvenate the surface and should be undertaken at least twice a year to remove surface debris, keep pores open and fibres loose. Compaction is the biggest problem with artificial courts which effects drainage and allows the build-up of dirt and moss. This creates a dangerous playing surface and shortens its life span.

Deep cleaning for both tarmac and artificial courts, with a suitable pressure rotary industrial cleaner once a year. This dislodges dirt, algae, moss and brings it to the surface to be removed. A small area is tested first to assure the correct pressure is used. Once finished artificial turf/matting courts can be re-sanded if needed to the customers preference. More sand creates a faster surface, less creates a slower one.

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