Country House Renovation

Worked completed

We have been looking after this lawn for some 10 years plus but past owners were reluctant to do such heavy scarification it required as the recovery can be unsightly for some time, however the new owner was happy to go ahead with this. We had to take the lawn almost back to the bare soil as the thatch and moss was almost 60 mm deep.

It had eight passes with an aggressive flail scarifier followed by a more gentle fixed blade machine towards the end. We removed a huge amount of debris. The lawn was then aerated, avoiding the sprinkler system to aid compaction/root growth and to get oxygen into the soil profile.

It was then over seeded with a suitable blend and top dressed in the worst areas. A controlled release fertiliser applied and then the sprinkler system commissioned.

Within weeks the lawn came back to life, little and often is the key to a beautiful lawn otherwise major works like this is often required.

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